What We Do


Core Mystery Shop Evaluations

Every time a customer comes into contact with your business, they are making an assessment which affects their potential to be a repeat customer. Our mystery shoppers pose as regular customers to provide feedback on how your business performs from a customer’s viewpoint, at all of the touch points of service. Our detailed reports allow you to understand “the story” behind each visit and utilize that information to improve customer experiences.

Sales Assessments

Our sales reports indicate who is following your sales training and “making the sale” on a consistent basis. Is the sales approach proactive or reactive? How is rapport built? Do sales associates actively listen to identify true customer needs? Our evaluators will be the discerning customer that you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses in sales.

Brand Identity Audits

Our brand identity audits will show how well you communicate and how your consumers perceive your brand initiatives. B. Business Solutions auditors have posed as frequent hotel guests in order to see if they get their “just reward.” We have taken pictures on location to assess trademark and merchandising compliance. We can verify what your marketing team may not have time to monitor through our reveal audits or clandestine visits.

Competitive Analysis

Dare to compare. We can investigate what you want to know about your competitors to enable you to maintain a competitive edge. Conduct competitor shops to know what they do or say; strategize so you can differentiate your business.


“We use these evaluations to refine the processes. We therefore have fewer customer service problems and increased return customers. Service evaluations enable us to stay on top of problem areas before they are out of control.”