Who We Work With


Entertainment & recreation

Arenas, Casinos, Theaters, etc…

Hotel & hospitality

Is everyone truly a “valued guest?”


Service, pricing and quick/efficient service

Auto service & sales

Sales and service go hand in hand to get repeat business at your auto service center or dealership.

Phone, Email, website

Add a little flair and refinement to your communication.


Are your employees providing quick, efficient service? Are they presenting your merchandise in the best light?


Convenience and other shopping

Restaurants & dining

Service with a smile, timeliness, meal presentation

Luxury sales

Is your sales staff focused on building rapport with more discerning customers?

Apartment leasing

How are your prospective renters treated with they walk in the door?

Market Research Firms

BBS, as a subcontractor, provides both the expertise and the infrastructure to run the mystery shopping component of your business.

Other services and industries

BBS has come up with creative solutions and therefore had some interesting projects throughout our years in business: time studies of “baggage claim times” at all of the NYC airports; price audits to compare airport concession pricing to street pricing; apartment surveys to ensure anti-discrimination laws are being followed. Our project team will come up with innovative solutions for your business situation.

The Buzz

“Choosing B. Business Solutions as a business partner has been one of our best decisions. We depend on partnerships that help us deliver a custom approach and we enjoy working with BBS as they are accommodating and flexible. Our customer relationships are very important to us and BBS helps us create positive impressions. We depend on BBS for their creativity, integrity and responsiveness.”