Shopper Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers are normal customers. Your goal is to visit our client locations, complete assigned tasks, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. Shoppers are an important part of our business! When you become a shopper for B. Business Solutions (BBS), we require that you perform with excellence in order to produce the professional results our clients have come to expect. The reports you complete are taken very seriously. Employees’ jobs and careers are affected by your feedback. We depend on you to work with us as a team to produce reports that are accurate and fair.

How do I get started?

In order to receive mystery shop offers with BBS, you will first need to register with us (as an independent contractor).

How soon can I expect to receive job offers?

Our system and project schedulers will email you through our database when opportunities become available. When there is a client who needs services in your area, we will be in touch!

What next?

Once you get an assignment, the guidelines and the actual survey will be available to you online. We have project leaders available for your questions for every assignment. Shoppers who deliver quality reports on time, follow instructions correctly, and respond quickly when we have questions, will have more opportunities.

How do I get paid?

Shoppers are paid via PayPal or by check. All shops will be paid within two to four weeks of when the assignment was completed.

Ready to get started?

Click here, agree to our Terms of Contract and complete (in full) our free and secure online application.

Shopper Scam Warning

Don’t get caught in a scam! Mystery Shop scammers do exist, and they use all sorts of crafty methods to get you involved. They have used our company name, website, and email to make their request seem legitimate. Please note the following characteristics describing how the real B Business Solutions works:

  • We only collect personal shopper information at our secure website.
  • We send our checks out after you complete surveys for us, not before.
  • We do not evaluate wire transfer services.
  • All of our mystery shop surveys are housed on our secure and proprietary mystery shop system (not Word documents).
  • You can also visit the Mystery Shoppers Provider Association for more information.



“I have had many great experiences as a shopper for B. Business Solutions. From the scheduling, to submitting the report, through the editing, and to getting paid (quickly!), the entire process is handled efficiently. Everyone is always eager to help me if questions arise, and I always look forward to another opportunity to work with this company.”