Our Shoppers



High Caliber Shoppers

In order to maintain high standards and provide superior results, B. Business Solutions has shoppers who are motivated to provide you with accurate and objective reporting. We ask all shopper applicants to agree to a code of conduct in regards to honesty, accuracy, quality and timeliness of deliverables. Once assigned, our project leaders partner with each individual evaluator to complete the project on time and with quality results. When the reports are complete, we are not. We use a grading system to evaluate shoppers for future assignments.


Customized Selection of Shoppers

For each project, we tailor the selection process so that our shopper evaluators will best meet the requirements for your program. We will work with you up front to identify shopper demographics for your “typical customer.” Our primary goal is to assure you an accurate picture of the results between our shoppers and your employees during an evaluation or audit.


Large and Diverse Database

We have an army of shoppers, coast to coast in both North America and Canada. When an applicant completes his or her profile, we do not have just a name and address, but also information on education, hobbies, experiences, family demographics, fitness level and other criteria. We ask for a writing sample as another way to assess overall skills. Through recruiting, our database continually grows in urban areas and rural towns. Our evaluators range in age from young adults to senior citizens. They come from all walks of life and their backgrounds vary in experience, education, interests, occupation and lifestyle.


“Attention to detail would be the most important aspect of the service your company and shoppers provide us. Since shoppers are anonymous, there is no face to the results being recorded, which may cause skepticism. Your team of shoppers ensuring every detail is covered, really helps clients being assured they are receiving accurate results.”